Welcome to the Survival Legion workout page.

Our workouts have been carefully selected and mated with a notable Roman Legion, the history of which is provided within the document file.

While they are, of course, for everyone, our workouts are specifically designed to enhance the fitness of America’s finest: Law enforcement/police; firefighters; EMS/pre-hospital; first responders; the U.S. military (Army/Navy/USMC/Air Force/USCG/National Guard); and any others who simply want to stay fit and sharp so they can help keep our country safe and free.

Each workout is ‘ranked’ based on level of skill. The skill rankings are as follows:

Praetorian-extreme effort

You can achieve a higher ‘rank’ by doing better on each individual workout. That usually means doing more rounds per workout or doing workouts faster. Just consult each workout sheet for specifics. If something doesn’t make sense, contact us and let us know about it.

We’ll be posting more as we complete them. Just click on the link and a document file will pop up; print it out and take it with you.


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