This is a modified way to do a bent-over row; use a barbell.

8/13/19: Strength Workout: 

8/11/19 Inclement Weather Workout: 8/11/19:

8/8/19: Endurance Workout: Combat rope, farmer’s carry, pull-ups, ladder machine

8/7/19 Endurance Workout:

8/5/19: Endurance Workout:

8/3/19: Endurance Workout:

7/29/19: I Minervia Legion Workout

7/21/19: Why Kettlebells?

7/14/19: Workout: Sledgehammer strikes; kettlebell carry; 60-yd run; sled push; tire flips

6/23/19: Workout: Farmer’s carries, rope climber, ball slams, Jacob’s ladder, weighted bear crawls, kettlebell swings

6/10/19: Tire flips, 100lb kettlebell carries, pushups, wall to walls, run

6/6/19: Push-pull workout: Weighted sled, pushups, tire flips, pushups, sledgehammer strikes

5/31/19: Box jumps, TRX pull, rope climber, kettle bell swings…and incline runs

5/29/19: Combat ropes, weighted steps, core work, heavy bag…and extreme kettle bells

5/20/19: Two Survival Legion buds, a big tire, 45lb plates, and a vehicle…

5/18/19: Modified Italica Legion Workout:

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