Balancing life, relationships and work are key to physical excellence

By Rich

Like most of you, I’m not made of money so I have to work for a living. Nothing wrong with that; work is fulfilling on many levels and teaches us some very valuable life lessons.

But working full-time while running a business on the side is challenging, I’ll be honest. It isn’t easy trying to get everything done in a day’s time that needs to be done. What’s more, trying to fit in everything I need to do for myself and for my family and friends while working a full schedule is even tougher.

I’m certainly not the only one with this problem. Nevertheless, based on my own experiences, I am betting that almost everyone can get more out of their day if they put forth the effort, make a schedule, and plan ahead.

Let’s take a look at the basics we humans require in order to be healthy, fully-functional adults capable of maintaining a good life balance.

Core needs are: Health, relationships, and work. Others may have additional needs, but in my mind, these are the most important in order to be happy, healthy, and productive. Let’s briefly break these down.

Health, generally, means making the time to exercise, fueling your body with good food sources and getting as much rest as possible. It also means taking a break when you feel like you need it; when you get there, trust me, you’ll know. By planning your workouts, you can effectively maintain a schedule that allows time for your other needs as well.

Relationships can be tricky for people who work abnormal schedules, but this all begins with keeping it real and solid with your significant other. My only advice here is to, once again, schedule together. If your significant other likes to workout too, think about a workout schedule and a post-workout meal together as part of your quality time. A friend of mine who is a sheriff’s deputy does this with his wife.

Part two of relationships pertains to making time for your kids, if you have them, close family and friends. Like your significant other and workouts, you need to schedule time with your kids as well. It means the world to them, even though at the time it may not seem like a big deal. For close friends and family, reach out to them often, and schedule some time to get together once a month.

Finally, the third and most time consuming of all our needs is work. As such, if our health and relationships are lacking, then our job performance will lack as well. You can’t do your best work if you are physically lacking or your mind wanders to concerns about your home and personal life.

I’m not a relationship expert and I don’t have all the answers by any means. But I think most of us live pretty similar lives, which is to say we all have similar wants, needs, desires — and shortcomings. Judging by my own experiences, working to improve these basic core human needs will make us better, more productive, and a lot happier.

Rich is a former U.S. Army infantryman and member of the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The “Old Guard”) who responded to the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, as our nation was attacked by international terrorists. He is co-founder of Survival Legion, a vet-owned company that stresses functional fitness and draws it’s uniqueness from the Roman Legions.

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