Our online store is live!

Okay, so we don’t have a LOT to offer yet, but products are coming so make sure you check back often. Also, watch our blog because we’ll be announcing products here (and on our Facebook page; to “like” it, click the Sidebar and you’ll find the Facebook widget-thingy.

Our first product is a custom Tee that summarizes Survival Legion and our followers: “Strength, Honor, Commitment.” These three words are great descriptors of the Roman soldiers who formed the powerful legions of an empire.

But they are also very useful in keeping us focused on our gains, our overall fitness progress, and our objective of always being as fit to fight as possible, and on a moment’s notice.

Being the fastest or being able to life the heaviest weights are not the objectives of Survival Legion. We seek to inspire with our workouts. Fitness is a choice; we are trying to help make that choice easier through our own actions.

Choose a workout. Grab our inaugural Tee design. And get some.