What is Survival Legion?

We get this question a lot, and be honest, the best way to describe Survival Legion is to talk about what we are not.

We’re not a “fitness club.” We don’t do memberships and you’ll find that most everything we offer in terms of workouts, tips, advice, learning experiences, worldly experiences, etc., are yours for the taking (or leaving — up to you).

We’re not a fitness “fad” like Crossfit. Not that there’s anything wrong with that form of exercise, mind you. It’s just that our regimen and our workouts are not justgeared for fitness, but functionalityand physicalityof the sort needed in less-than-ideal situations when your health and well-being may be threatened.

We’re certainly not trying to make some sort of fitness fashion statement. If that’s what you’re looking for, boy, have you come to the wrong place.

No, Rich and I started Survival Legion as a natural extension of what we were already doing in terms of training and always looking for new and innovative ways to challenge ourselves, physically and mentally.

Survival Legion is the answer to “chronic gym syndrome” — that is, the condition that sets in when your gym time as become as routine, uninspiring, and predictable as criticism of President Trump.

At some point this past year, it just made sense to us to take our vision of Survival Legion public and share what we have experienced and learned — and continue to experience and learn — in our journey to be fit to fight, fit to lead, and fit to survive whatever crazy life throws at us.

Thanks for giving us a fair shot. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and find it as beneficial to your lifestyle as we have to ours.

Now, go get some.